dance machine meaning and definition

dance machine meaning

A group of thrashers from KnoXville Tennessee Who love hardcore boiz,circle pits,tofu,bikes,cross dressing,dance parties,community,d.i.y.,hugs,and many homoerotic things!!Also known as the best band,ever!!

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Dance Moms meaning and definition

Overweight mothers that try to make their daughters live out their dream of being a dancer, since they failed at it. A very group of egotistical women who live off their rich husband, while they sit on their fat asses barking orders at their daughters. These types of people should be avoided at all cost usually can spot them in suburbans. Ironically their daughter will more than likely end up just like their mothers and do the same thing to their kids, basically a repeating cycle of failures.

dance off meaning and definition

as noted in the movie "you got served" people will dance off to settle differences. instead of pulling out you nine and bustin a cap you could easily dance off...the winner gets rights over the loosers property. this property includes but is not limited to bitches, hoes, dog's and or children. it is not uncommon to be bitch slapped (see bitch slap) after the dance off.

Dancing in the Dark meaning and definition

Dancing in Dark means having sex... Heard in Lady Gaga songs, specifically, Dance in the dark.

dancing juice meaning and definition

An alcoholic beverage that often contain caffeine, which produces partially involuntary movements. Usually in front of the opposite sex.

dangdut meaning and definition

Popular music genre of Indonesia that is considered as low-class.