dark meat meaning and definition

dark meat meaning

A black woman or man's body. Usually referring to it in a sexual nature, and usually used when talking about his or her private parts, i.e. pussy or dick

dark meat meaning

The private part's of a black person's body penis vagina breasts nipples!

dark meat meaning

dark brownish-colored private parts (labia, nipples, areolas) appearing on women who are otherwise not "of color."

dark meat meaning

This refers to the areola of the nipple or the darker area of the breast.

dark meat meaning

gambling losses. the amount of money you are down. usually used in association with poker.

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darkmoon meaning and definition

A Native name given to a girl who was born during a New Moon or a Lunar eclipse. Darkmoon is spiritual in nature, loving all living things. She brings light wherever she goes, and loves to shine on everyone around her. She is a gentle soul who's main purpose in life is to bring love and joy to all others. Don't piss a Darkmoon off, or you will see she can change like the tides. Normally soft and gentle, she can let loose her fury like a great tsunami. Best of friends, as she will always be there for you. She's the kind of person who would buy the homeless person a meal with her last buck. Animals and even butterflies seem to understand her and flock to, or alight on, her. So it is not uncommon to see her chatting up the animals or petting butterflies.

Darkolepsy meaning and definition

n. Similar to narcolepsy, an ailment where you find yourself suddenly very drunk\ you commonly go from zero to fucked up in quick fashion

Dark Pop meaning and definition

Darkpop was primarily an abstractly post-punk type of music that coincided with things like Gothic rock/deathrock and the New Romantics in the late '70s and early '80s (though especially the latter). This means artists inside or outside the mainstream that had dark (yet accessible) sensibilities, but weren't quite Goth or New Romantic (even though there is considerable overlap, admittedly).

Dark Prince meaning and definition

(1)Noun. The "pet name" of the gothic male in a romantic relationship (2)Proper Noun. The nickname of a gothic male

dark queen meaning and definition

Gorgeous gothic females That dress in black and has high self confidence in themselves. In other words they don't take shit from nobody. They are interested in the black arts.


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