daymaker meaning and definition

daymaker meaning

a super cool person/event that makes somebodys whole entire daaaaaaaaaaay sometimes referred to as an izzy<3

daymaker meaning

n.) an indivudal or event that makes one's day, brings immense satisfation or happiness.

daymaker meaning

One certain event that contains so much awesome that it pretty much is the highlight of the day.

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daymare meaning and definition

A vivid, unpleasant mental image (as in a nightmare) conjured in broad daylight, such as an impending crash, or a thought of a loved one in distress, which can cause a strong emotional response such as fear or horror.

Day One meaning and definition

A female partner who has stayed with you for a long time through good and bad times.

Daytona meaning and definition

Definantely NOT justin bieber and is really good at sports. Very attractive (to some people) and lives on a river.His favourite colour is green and his mom (Brenda A.) works at dollarama.This makes her pree dank. Also my soon to be boyfriend.

day tripper meaning and definition

:n;adj.A woman that has many short affairs with no intention of getting serious Usually only has one night stands

dayum meaning and definition

Unbelievable. A great big suprise.