djbonehead meaning and definition

djbonehead meaning

A cool MF that pawns chronwaxjoseph like the bitch that he is!

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Djent meaning and definition

Hitting the low string on a 6-7 or even an 8 string guitar, but then palm muting the string straight after it has been hit. Tunings used with 'djents' are usually Drop C# right down to low F's. Artists such as Meshuggah, Periphery, Textures, Xerath and Midnight Realm use Djents in their music.

DKP meaning and definition

Don't Know The Proper Spelling.In contrast to a typo, where one simply makes a mistake on accident, a DKPS is when one spells something totally wrong because they just don't know how to spell it.A person who has made a DKPS may attempt to pass it off as a typo if the error isn't too drastic.

DLM meaning and definition

Don't Label Me. A phrase commonly used by posers when they play goth or prep

Dluo meaning and definition

a perverted furry lover

dm me meaning and definition

The act of direct messaging a person