docusoap meaning and definition

docusoap meaning

Odd television hybrid which strange Belgian people watch. Apparently it's difficult to explain.

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Dödel meaning and definition

German. Slang for several things. A Dödel can be either a dork/fool/dreamer. Or it can refer to a dick. Usually its considered to be a pleasant yet funny attribute between friends.

Dødfælkjuice meaning and definition

A green/yellow fluid that is formed when water flows over dead people.

dodged a bullet meaning and definition

When you come close to dating a person but for whatever reason it falls through, and then later find out that person is batshit crazy, you've dodged a bullet.

dodged that bullet meaning and definition

The feeling after seeing that your bitchy ex-girlfriend has aged poorly, is obese or looks generally bad after some years.

Dodge Dully meaning and definition

It is an incredibly huge ass, not attractice at all.