donice meaning and definition

donice meaning

Beautiful sex dragon with an amazing smile that sweeps every man off his feet!

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Doniker meaning and definition

Carney slang for toilet.

dont talk with your mouth full meaning and definition

a phraze used sence the beginning of time for the act in which a girl ( while giving head ) proceeds so say something along the lines of i love you, this is great, smells like beef cakes whatever. or used in reference to talking while eating at the dinner table bitchy moms oftan use this to discourage kids from spitting mashed patatos at each other while yelling " go broncos "

Doom-monger meaning and definition

These people are possibly the most annoying kinds of people that one can think of. Doom-mongers are people who go around ANYWHERE, in public, or on the internet, and make predictions of upcoming apocalyptic events, or try to prove a prediction as true for an upcoming disastrous event. This results in mass hysteria and makes many others mental or terrified of what may happen to the world. Some people may not believe in the words of what these clowns say, while others may due to the strong language the use to shock people into believing it.

doop doop meaning and definition

Expression of feeling: making a beer pong shot, getting touch, sick bong hits, seeing some cooter, kickin it with the bros.

doomsayer meaning and definition

A disgruntled and cynical person, usually a gamer roaming the forums and internet proclaiming the coming death of a certain game - usually following a controversial game update/patch.