double digit meaning and definition

double digit meaning

A person with their IQ lower than 100

double digit meaning

getting 10 or over orgasms in one day

double digit meaning

a dick, usually black, longer than nine inches

double digit meaning

Once a girl ass has reached size 10 or higher.

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double digit rule meaning and definition

A rule stating that drinking is acceptable when the time is in the double digits according to a 24-hour clock.

Double-Dip Recession meaning and definition

A sexual act involved in the bedroom between a man and a woman. The man inserts his penis into the vagina, before removing it and inserting it into the anus, then back to the vagina, then back into the anus and so on and so forth until he cums. The term derives from economics, 'a long-term recession', because many couples now resort to more compelling sex moves due to personal financial circumstances. Not to be confused with a Triple-Dip Recession, which involves insertion into the mouth as well.

double down meaning and definition

The act of performing oral sex to both the genitalia (m/f) and anus.

Double Dutch Waxing meaning and definition

Similar to the double dutch rudder however, instead of masturbating the two guys are waxing their chests. Each man has the waxing strips on his chest and they pull the strips off each other at the same time.

doubledyke meaning and definition

(n.) Two identical twins of the same gender who are sexually attracted to each other.