doublemint cum meaning and definition

doublemint cum meaning

an incident where two girls give two different guys head next to each other. when they finish they switch guys and give them both head again. it is called the doublemint cum... after the doublemint gum ... because it is double the favor and double the cum.

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double platinum meaning and definition

having sex more than 20 times in a consecutive 3 day period of time with one person. warning: it will make you sore.

double rainbow meaning and definition

A noun representing something a person finds phenomenally exciting, joyful, or amazing. The expressed joy upon witnessing a double rainbow may be misinterpreted as an acid trip, orgasm, or loss of bowel control.

Double Shift meaning and definition

During a threesome, when you receive a blowjob and rimjob (getting your rectum licked) at the same time.The term "double shift" is derived from work shifts; as you receive two jobs, you are working a double shift.Can also be used in past tense and as a verb; I got double shifted last night. Or I love double shifting you.

double shot meaning and definition

A term in halo 2 where you press a series of buttons and fire four shots out of your battle rifle. It makes it look like ots fully auto and gives you a great advantage