doublespeak meaning and definition

doublespeak meaning

From George Orwell's 1984. The guy was 20 years out, but other than that fairly accurate... It's the ability to hold two separated and completely contradictory statements in your head and believe that both are true

doublespeak meaning

Words combined into a sentence, paragraph, speech, etc. SAY one thing, yet MEAN something different. As the American Native Peoples called the white man's words - He speaks with forked tongue

doublespeak meaning

Doublespeak here ought to be doublethink. The person who first defined it must have had doublethink confused with newspeak and thus combined the two. The definition given is for doublethink.

doublespeak meaning

Deliberately ambiguous or evasive language. see: doubletalk.

doublespeak meaning

the term comes from the George Orwell book 1984, by the way.

doublespeak meaning

speech designed to mislead people.

doublespeak meaning

When you are messaging someone back and forth and while you are writing a response their last message they send another message on a different topic. You realize the second message requires a completely seperate message to answer so you quickly finish you initial response and send it. Then as you start typing the second message the other person reads the message you already sent then proceeds to write a message back, ignoring the second topic of conversation as if he or she were talking to someone else. You respond in the same fashion and the two of you have two seperate messaging conversations at the same time until some point one topic is dropped or the messaging ends altogether.

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double-zero meaning and definition

n. The last two digits of a cell phone call that ends precisely on a certain minute. Since the phone company fucks you and rounds up your minutes, it is most economical to terminate a call exactly at a "double-zero" mark.

double whammy meaning and definition

This is a sexual position in which the female sits upon the male genitalia (full penetration) and the male thrusts upward multiple times with his hips. When the male deems ready he raises his arms in the air, clenching his fingers into tight fists. The male then brings his fists down as hard as possible upon the female clitoris. Fists brought down multiple times upon the clitoris is still considered a double wammy.

douchebaggery meaning and definition

Ther act of being a douche bag, or the posession of qualities which are of a douche bag.

Douche Canoe meaning and definition

when a person is so douchey they are equal to about 50 douchebags, therefore a canoe would be needed.It is much larger than most other forms of douches

Dougie meaning and definition

The term "dougie" derives from the name of 80's early 90's Hip Hopper Doug-E- Fresh. The term "dougie" means to have a cool or hip stlye.