drag show meaning and definition

drag show meaning

A social event, typically at bars, where some males and females dress as the opposite gender. May also include transgender occupants as well.

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drake drizzy rogers meaning and definition

The realist rapper in the game that's not in the game. Signed with cash money millionaires drake is kreeping past lil wayne write under his nose. He's not a beast he's not a giant he's not a gangster he's simply drizzy....

draked up meaning and definition

getting cumed on your face.

drake face meaning and definition

When you miss your ex more than usual; can be used when someone just looks especially sad

Drake Hogestyn meaning and definition

The Actor who portrays John Black the multi-billionaire on Days of Our Lives

Draken meaning and definition

A person who gives zero shits about absolutely everything and by doing so he is the happiest mother fucker around.


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