dragon lady meaning and definition

dragon lady meaning

A slang referencing the once First Lady of Vietnam, who was known to control her husband, and hence, controlling Vietnam. Tends to be used towards Asian women who are in position of power. Their traits are aggressive, intimidating, calculating, high-achiever. But generally, they are also intelligent and beautiful.

dragon lady meaning

Asian cougar who is in position of power usually as wife of a boss. Known to be skilled in primitive thinking behaviours such as manipulation and deception in order to fuck you over.

dragon lady meaning

A term used to describe a stereotype of Asian women found in literature and film from the late 19th to the mid-20th century. A "dragon lady" was a woman of Asian heritage who was thought of as being sexually powerful and generally of a cunning, underhanded, conniving nature, who would use her beauty and sexuality to get what she wanted. Often accompanied in fiction with an opium pipe, jade jewelry, and wearing a Chinese dress, usually with dragons on it. They were usually depicted as snide, assertive, aggressive, sneaky and explosive in temperament. The term is now generally used as a descriptive in a negative context, often to describe a non-Asian's misconception of Asian women. It is also used to describe a manipulative Asian woman, though this is less common.

dragon lady meaning

"Dragon Lady" is the common name of the biggest bitch who ever walked the earth, and unfortunately she is a frequent customer to Albertsons #6741. This particular breed of bitch is known to ask for carry outs, verbally bash the unlucky courtesy clerk who helps her out, and proceed to glare at him/her during her subsequent trips to Albertsons. Although she has a somewhat human form, she does not have a traditional name because she is not human. Some baggers report seeing her with a forked tongue, red eyes and steam coming out of her nostrils.

dragon lady meaning

derogatory term for an Asian woman usually an angry bitch.

dragon lady meaning

Asian women who are trained to be gold diggers by finding old rich men. They also seek white men to raise their status.

dragon lady meaning

A severely sociopathic woman. 1.)Typically a despondant man's wife of many years. see - drinking elbow 2.)A fucking lonely bitch!

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