EAC meaning and definition

EAC meaning

Eatin' Ain't Cheatin'

EAC meaning

A gang located in a neighborhood near you. Mostly in the 541.

EAC meaning

An abbreviation for Evil Atheist Conspiracy, popular on Internet discussion fora.

EAC meaning

EAC means Emitted Audible Chuckle. It is just the 2.0 of LOL used by elitests

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EA Catch-up Rule meaning and definition

When you are playing a video game and dominating the other team then suddenly the other team starts making a comeback very easily.Originates from EA Sports where this phenomenon was first noticed.

each time meaning and definition

Every single occurrence

EAD meaning and definition

E. A. D. is an Acronym for "eat a dick."

EAE meaning and definition

Emergency Anal Evacuation

EAF meaning and definition

it means "easy and fast"


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