EAD meaning and definition

EAD meaning

1) a three letter acronym for "EAT A DICK" 2) A shortcut to tell someone to go eat a dick

EAD meaning

acronym for 'eat a dick.' especially useful when emailing on corporate accounts that scan for inappropriate language. also time-saving.

EAD meaning

E. A. D. is an Acronym for "eat a dick."

EAD meaning

EADS, or European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is the second largest defense company in the world with revenues of over 30 billion euros. It owns, among other companies, Airbus, which is the make of the gigantic A380. It also created the Eurofighter and is competing for the U.S. Tanker bid worth about 100 billion dollars. It is the true European company.

EAD meaning

When a person is enjoying their recent winning form on the video game Fifa and the embarrassingly shit owners of Fifa, EA sports, come into your game and fuck you over.

EAD meaning

Military slang for Eat a Dick. Generally means that you've just been given a shitty task that noone wants to do.

EAD meaning

Eat A dick.

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it means "easy and fast"

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Being affectionate via internet.

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to be a beast, a dominant force in the human race and in all aspects of life, to be incredible.Antonyms: Tha Suz, non-eags, g-men fans.


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