Eago meaning and definition

Eago meaning

Definition 1: Someone who just Parrots what they hear without giving it their own thought. Named after the red bird in Disney's Aladdin.Definition 2: Someone who is a trader.

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Ealing meaning and definition

Queen of the Suburbs. Located somewhere in west London. Contains Acton (chav central), Southall ('little India'), Perivale (more commonly known as 'Perv-vale'), Greenford (home of all those people who have to take the bus to school and end up being late most days) and many more. A nice place, though.

ear burn meaning and definition

Also known as "roast yer ear clean aff". When you meet a drunk person and they insist on sittin next to you and talkin non-sensical rubbish in your ear for hours.

ear butter meaning and definition

A copious amount of earwax

ear byte meaning and definition

When a snippet of a song finds it's way into your stream of consciousness and you find yourself singing, humming, whistling or dancing to it all day.

ear canal meaning and definition

When one cums in a ear


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