Ealing meaning and definition

Ealing meaning

Queen of the Suburbs. Located somewhere in west London. Contains Acton (chav central), Southall ('little India'), Perivale (more commonly known as 'Perv-vale'), Greenford (home of all those people who have to take the bus to school and end up being late most days) and many more. A nice place, though.

Ealing meaning

A London Borough. Also known as the London Borough of Poland due to the amount of immigrants from Poland living in this area.

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EaLisa meaning and definition

yes she is a character of her own. being on time keeping time the word time is not in her vocabulary she has ealisa time.she is a loyal friend only has a few loyal friends who have adopted her. ealisa is one of a kind lady, a couger in training who is a quick study. she comes from a small town. she reminds you of a janis joplin if she was alive today, love, peace, and harmony.but she will tell you how it is , and can be a little cocky. yes she can and will try to back it up. anyways on a sunny blue sky day if you look up into that nice wonderful day and see an eagle soaring mid-high in the sky and look at it with awe, the ewww weee splat you got hit with that eagles shit then you will know it was that ealisa shitin on you like you have done to her.

Ealk meaning and definition

Ealk - (ee-ahwk) - v. to immediately vomit profusely due to an overwhelming amount of stress, anxiety, or nervousness.

Ealleenxa meaning and definition

A combination of the names of the 2 coolest people on earth Elena, and Alex, Elena, the hottest girl ever with the best eyes on earth and hottest hair u can imagine. Alex, the coolest guy ever who has a goddess named Elena, the hottest girl ever with the best eyes on earth and hottest hair u can imagine.

Ealli meaning and definition

short jews that can be extremely violent and aggressive. they tend to be loving and caring to their possessions.

ealo meaning and definition

East London, the current regional hub of everything hip, where independent fashion design, tech startups, street mural art and indie rock pubs all flourish.


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