Ear Rape meaning and definition

Ear Rape meaning

In verbal electronic communication (ventrillo, skype, teamspeak, etc), when a person speaks/plays a sound, usually to annoy/antagonise the other listener(s), at such a high volume and/or pitch that can damage the listener(s) hearing/speakers.

Ear Rape meaning

See: Justin Beiber

Ear Rape meaning

When listing to Justin Beiber

Ear Rape meaning

Loud, jarring, unexpected noise. Also: a video editing trick favored by people who lack both skill and creativity.

Ear Rape meaning

When someone tells someone else something against their will - "forcing" it into their ear, hence rape

Ear Rape meaning

When you hear someone who is so annoying that the sound of their voice hurts worse than being penetrated in the ear.

Ear Rape meaning

Forcefully shoving unwanted information into someones ear hole. Definition according to Ron White's comedy album "You Cant Fix Stupid."

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