Earl Juice meaning and definition

Earl Juice meaning

The consequential vomiting after drinking E & J liquor. Earl Juice > E & J

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earllusion meaning and definition

When being in a state of abnormal conciseness, one thinks that one hears noise when in fact, no noise is being made.

Earl Nino meaning and definition

(noun) 1. A storm that destroys West Coast trailers with walls of mud then buries the East Coast in snow 2. Trailer-ese for people who can't pronounce El Niño or the word "Oil"

earlobe meaning and definition

The portion of skin dangling from your ear in a pendant-like manner.

earlobe fuck meaning and definition

When one nibbles on partners ear. Not a firm bite, but enough to notice. Often done before or during sexual activities.

ear lobing meaning and definition

when a slimey forriegner keeps trying to cock block you in the bar with cheesy lines like "I'm from England" or "Did you get that hand bag from paris" or "Do I know you?". He Never gets the ladies and neither do you b/c you are friends with him.


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