Earl Roat meaning and definition

Earl Roat meaning

The actor in Rain Man with Down Syndrome who turns around inquisitively as the protagonists are driving on Walkbrook Road.

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Earls Girls meaning and definition

The smokin hot waitresses that work at Earls Restaurants

Earl Shilton meaning and definition

Earl Shilton is home of the drug dealers and where the word STD'S began. Most of the girls have got a BTEC level 1 hair and beauty from the underachieving college William Bradford. All earl shilton is full with is hair dressers or takeaways. If you don't want to get stabbed then I advise you to stay away from hollow park, this park is full of fuck boys and chavs.

earlshittinlamerboomer meaning and definition

An earlshittinlamerboomer is a huge shit taken in one sitting that is compiled to excede the threshold water limit in your toilet bowl. Also, a nasty large piece of turd left in one's toilet that sticks out above the water in your toilet.

earls on top meaning and definition

Early. Before the usual or expected time.

Earlston Fever meaning and definition

It's Scottish Borders slang for anyone who is perceived to be work shy or just plain lazy It seems that in the past people from Earlston must have been deemed as lazy or workshy (don't know why)


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