Earl of March meaning and definition

Earl of March meaning

A large high school with roughly 1300 students. Known for having some bad teachers, but otherwise is a nice school, despite many of the people. The typical student at Earl is fake, a real trend follower.

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Earl Pearl meaning and definition

Any redneck person you come across with a sever mullet. Nascar tshirt may come along with the mullet.

Earl Rider meaning and definition

A derogatory term to define an individual who specifically is a strong believer in devoting their mind, body, and soul towards the pleasing of their idol. They will do anything for their idol, and are extremely attached to their idol, whether or not the person enjoys their presence at all.

Earl Roat meaning and definition

The actor in Rain Man with Down Syndrome who turns around inquisitively as the protagonists are driving on Walkbrook Road.

Earls Girls meaning and definition

The smokin hot waitresses that work at Earls Restaurants

earls on top meaning and definition

Early. Before the usual or expected time.


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