Earl the Chew Gnome meaning and definition

Earl the Chew Gnome meaning

When you buy a tin of dip and there is a bit of chew missing, it is Earl the chew gnome who took it. Earl the Chew Gnome works at the chew factory and likes to toss a chew from the tins. For some reason Earl likes citrus the most, he takes the fattest bombs from that flavour. Pussy Pouches users have nothing to worry about seeing as Earl does not toss pouches.

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Earl Weaver meaning and definition

Former manager for the Baltimore Orioles major-league baseball team. Managed the Orioles from 1968 to 1982, and again from 1985-1986. Won the 1970 World Series, had his number (#4) retired in 1982, and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996. One of baseball's old-school managers. For his West Coast counterpart, look up Tommy Lasorda

early 2000s meaning and definition

Times of trouble.See, 9/11, dawn of the Bush II Reign, rise of Post-Grunge, emergence of Reality T.V, end of the American 'Golden Era' Economy. Rising oil prices, Dot Com Bubble.Through and through the early 2000's (2001-2003) still had retained some extent of the late 90's culture and fashion but this began to fade into obscurity by 2004 and onwards. Also, the Sixth Generation of Video Games were included in this period. PS2, Xbox, and the little badboy that no one ever bought - the Gamecube.

early access meaning and definition

When video game developers sell a game before it is done to milk more money out of their customers. It's usually broken and in the alpha or beta stages.

early and palazzo meaning and definition

a combination of cornflakes and pepperjack cheese.

Early morning tea meaning and definition

The sweat left on someone's face from your scrotum after you teabag them.


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