Early Times meaning and definition

Early Times meaning

The best fucking whiskey in a plastic bottle.

Early Times meaning

The Official Cabin Whiskey of the Cal Ski Team.

Early Times meaning

The best whiskey in the world! (well i guess second to jack, gentlemen jack, single barrel, crown royal, jim bean, bushmills, black velvet, jameson, and pretty much everything else except canadian mist.

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Early to bed, early to rise meaning and definition

American aphorism attributed to Ben Franklin (aka "Poor Richard") and originally thought as an admonition to adopt a Protestant work ethic. Later scholarship has revealed that its true meaning was intended as folk medical advice for those wanting early morning erections.

Early Wash meaning and definition

The action of dipping your hand in the toilet water as you wipe your ass.

Early Weakness meaning and definition

Someone who starts to slow his drinking rate at the beginning of a large session as a symptom of feeling the effects of alcohol.

early wood meaning and definition

Early wood is what you experience when you wake up with a long lasting erection

early worm meaning and definition

(earl-ee-wurm) "The early worm gets up early to get eaten by the bird." -Opposite of the early-bird.


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