Easter Basket meaning and definition

Easter Basket meaning

A sexual maneuver in which a male partner, while having sex with a female partner, puts his testicles inside her anus. This can be performed in a variety of positions, but is traditionally performed from the missionary position.

Easter Basket meaning

When you fill up someones toilet with toilet paper until theres no water left. You then take a shit on top of the tp which resembles an easter basket.

Easter Basket meaning

Having enirely too much hair in the pubic region to where your nuts and penis head look like a few eggs in a dark grassy basket.

Easter Basket meaning

A Easter Basket is filling a clean, public toilet with huge solid pieces of oblong dookie. Then leaving it, where they all fill the bowl perfectly like a bowl full of eggs and french loaves. It's a perfect gift that surprises the next person who happens to open the bathroom door.

Easter Basket meaning

Leaving an Easter Basket is the act of shitting in a bucket at work, then carefully placing it somewhere close behind someone "busy". The smelly, stinky shit will eventually creep up on your mark, leaving him confused, and dumbfounded as to where that awful smell is coming from. When finally, he/she turns around to see where that smell is coming from, they find his/her surprise greeting them in the face. SURPRISE!!!!

Easter Basket meaning

The act of sexually penetrating your partner with her/his legs crossed indian-style and pulled up to their chest when lying on their back.

Easter Basket meaning

The Act of the "Easter Basket" is performed mid fuck, While thrusting a women vigorously, The dude removes his penis from her vaginal secretion. At this point he inserts his testicles in her basket. Resembling an "easter egg basket"

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To masturbate on easter

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someone who masterbates on easter sunday

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To masterbate on easter extra points if ressed as easter bunny or eastern bunny

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the second coming, masterbating for a second time in quick succession

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The european (specifically French) version of the Easter Bunny. Except it's a bell. A giant bell that goes from house to house giving kids candy. wtf? It first came to North Americans attention when David Sedaris (the homosexual writer) pointed out how ridiculous a bell going from house to house is. However, the idea of a bunny is just as pathetic.


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