Easter Bunny meaning and definition

Easter Bunny meaning

A large creature from the forest of Babalon, Who sneeks into houses and lays eggs everywhere secretly. in the morning everyone must try to find them before they hatch and start feeding on the flesh of small children.

Easter Bunny meaning

A lagimorph that delivers candy to kids.

Easter Bunny meaning

The Easter Bunny, an oviparous rabbit dextrous enough to carry baskets of candy and intelligent enough to arrange said candy in fake grass, as well as launch massive nation-wide marketing campaigns aimed at getting parents to shell out for chocolate bunnies that turn out to be hollow and chocolate eggs stuffed with carcinogenic sludge. Possibly an ancient deity or demi-God, but far more likely the result of government genetic experiments or the demented offspring of a chicken, a rabbit, and a Cadbury company executive.

Easter Bunny meaning

bunny that beats the shit out of people the other 364 days of the year

Easter Bunny meaning

A creepy creature that goes in all your rooms one night a year and distributes substances meant to slowly poison you over the course of your life. It also hides this substance around your house in the form of eggs, to be discovered by your little children and innocently consumed.

Easter Bunny meaning

Easter Bunny, often referred to an imaginary character which delivered easter eggs to children also refers to the rabbit eaten at the time of Easter. A long tradition carried out by generations of Europeans where Rabbits (of any species) are roasted, usually alive, to be consumed as a sacrifice to celebrate Jesus Christ.

Easter Bunny meaning

A title given to someone who has stuck a ball of toilet paper slighty up their anus to have what looks like a bunny's tail.

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Easter bunny ass nigga meaning and definition

Some bitch nigga hoppin in yo lawn and dropping tiny egg shaped shit in yo yard, if you see a nigga like that, send his ass flying to Saudi Arabia and see how that shit'll fly.

Easter Bunny that ho meaning and definition

When someone pisses you off and you hide raw eggs all over their house and room to get back at them. They will unwillingly find eggs for years.

easter candy meaning and definition

A large female stuffed into clothes that are far too small.

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someone who calls themselves a Catholic, but only attends Mass once or twice a year, such as on Easter.


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