Easter Cream Egg meaning and definition

Easter Cream Egg meaning

When a male ejaculates in his partner's ass. The Second partner (female/male) then squats over the first, and makes clucking sounds while defacating on his chest. While the action is performed, the Second partner must cluck like the Cadbury's Bunny while flapping her arms. Bonus points are awarded for wearing bunny ears. Orgins trace back to the popular Cleveland Steamer. This can only be done for a limited time around Easter...or else it's considered sick, poor timing, or not as special.

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easter egg meaning and definition

Easter Eggs are hidden links or files coded into software or websites. In the end, they are useless gags that programmers include for fun.

Easter egg hunt meaning and definition

When a woman poops a little druing sex and flings it off the bed before you notice it. leaving a small egg shaped piece of poo for you to find later.

east jabumblefuck meaning and definition

What you say when describing someones location. Synonyms: jabip, boondocks, boonies etc.

eastjabumfuck meaning and definition

The middle of nowhere. Not close to anything.

east japeepee meaning and definition

A term used to decribe a massive distance.


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