Easy breezy meaning and definition

Easy breezy meaning

Capable of being done with no difficulty.

Easy breezy meaning

Doing it in the wild (a.k.a. outside in the easy breezy). This phrase may be used to describe a plethora of outdoor "activities".

Easy breezy meaning

A woman who is easy to have sex with.

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easy girl meaning and definition

A woman who is much like a slut, which is easy for men to take sexually advantage of.

Easy Hanzi meaning and definition

When you are slowly penetrating a girl with your hands.

easyHarmony meaning and definition

A negative play on words which highlights the fact that eHarmony.com is basically just a forum for booty calls.Origin: The fact that eHarmony is a platform for booty calling.Synonym: Booty callAntonym: Meeting someone and asking them out with words.

easy hero meaning and definition

word used to tell someone to settle down when their getting to into anything.

Easyhk meaning and definition

1. A god in World of Warcraft online.


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