Easyhk meaning and definition

Easyhk meaning

1. A god in World of Warcraft online.

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easy hoe meaning and definition

a girl who can be touched easily by many guys and hook up with one and do whatever they want you to do without you stopping them.

Easy Izzy meaning and definition

A person who will lay with anyone but will have some standards

Easy Jesus meaning and definition

A high quality or expensive alcoholic beverage.

Easyjet meaning and definition

Pretty member of teacher support staff who all the kids really like and look up to.

easyjet callback meaning and definition

1) a call that will occur in 32 hours instead of planned 2 minutes only to tell you that you have to wait two more weeks for your problem to be solved2) a customer service call happening just for the sake of calling back, the customer advisor has no idea why is he calling the customer


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