ear burn meaning and definition

ear burn meaning

Also known as "roast yer ear clean aff". When you meet a drunk person and they insist on sittin next to you and talkin non-sensical rubbish in your ear for hours.

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ear butter meaning and definition

A copious amount of earwax

ear byte meaning and definition

When a snippet of a song finds it's way into your stream of consciousness and you find yourself singing, humming, whistling or dancing to it all day.

ear canal meaning and definition

When one cums in a ear

Ear Cancer meaning and definition

the feeling you get when someone talking to you has bored you to tears and then continues to talk and talk until you would rather lose your hearing due to an illness then listen to another word.

Ear Candle meaning and definition

The sexual act of masturbating into your girlfriends/wifes ear while they are sleeping. Once the load is shot you can put a piece of string in for effect.


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