ear candling meaning and definition

ear candling meaning

An alternative medicine practice claimed to assist in clearing earwax and remove toxins from a person's ear by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. According to medical researchers, it is dangerous and ineffective.

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Ear Check meaning and definition

Similar to a meat check.To roughly punch one in the ear.

Ear Cheese meaning and definition

The funky smelling junk that comes from ear or other body piercings after not removing/cleaning your holes/piercings for some time.

earcher meaning and definition

Earch or Earching or Earcher - Meanng to serach or basically just bogan aorund all day for a specific purpose.. A graffiti adlay earcher ersonpay, will generally be earchinfor paint suply and posi's to do pieces or to bomb. A homeless earchin cunt , will earch all day for mony and ciggarette butts.

earchops meaning and definition

When the hair growing out of your ears is thick and bushy enough to look like so called "porkchop" sideburns.

eärcked meaning and definition

Main Entry: eärcked Pronunciation: eärcked Function: intransitive verb Etymology: Old Norse freta, often vulgar 4: to become confused or make an error 5:


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