earcher meaning and definition

earcher meaning

Earch or Earching or Earcher - Meanng to serach or basically just bogan aorund all day for a specific purpose.. A graffiti adlay earcher ersonpay, will generally be earchinfor paint suply and posi's to do pieces or to bomb. A homeless earchin cunt , will earch all day for mony and ciggarette butts.

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earchops meaning and definition

When the hair growing out of your ears is thick and bushy enough to look like so called "porkchop" sideburns.

eärcked meaning and definition

Main Entry: eärcked Pronunciation: eärcked Function: intransitive verb Etymology: Old Norse freta, often vulgar 4: to become confused or make an error 5:

Ear-cleaners meaning and definition

When you use a penis to clean someones ears out.

ear cream pie meaning and definition

when a guy jizzes in a girls ear, then rubs it all around in her ear with his dick.

eargasm meaning and definition

1. noun. The sensation one gets while hearing a dramatic climax in music. 2. noun. The climax of musical excitement. 3. verb. To have an eargasm.


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