eargasmic meaning and definition

eargasmic meaning

A portion of music so amazing it gives the listener an eargasm.

eargasmic meaning

Music that is so unbelievably amazing to listen to.

eargasmic meaning

an orgasm to the ears

eargasmic meaning

When a song sounds so amazing that it gives you an orgasm in your ear

eargasmic meaning

When something sounds so good tiny little sex organs in your ear canal come

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Ear gauge meaning and definition

Those massive holes in peoples' ear lobes after getting them stretched to the size of their fist practically. They're pretty gross but some people think they're cool...although I think they're mentally ill.

earlingus fungus meaning and definition

when performing the sexual act involving sticking one's tongue down someones ear resulting in earwax stuck on your tongue.

earlinne meaning and definition

An uniqe, extraordinary, amazing woman. A pillar of all woman. Imitated but never duplicated. One of a kind and rare beauty. Body mind and soul.

earlisfree meaning and definition

Some faggot who runs a crappy tumblr. Constantly acting like he knows something about the music collective odd future though we all know he's a bandwagon fan and has only heard the song Yonkers.

Earl Juice meaning and definition

The consequential vomiting after drinking E & J liquor. Earl Juice > E & J


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