early riser meaning and definition

early riser meaning

Someone that get up early in the morning is an early riser. Most folks like to sleep in 'til about 7:30am but your early riser will be up at the crack of dawn.

early riser meaning

A woman who has to put forth extra effort in order to look good; not a natural beauty; needs several layers of makeup and hair products in order to come across as attractive to men

early riser meaning

The act of masturbation utilizing the morning erection.

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early river valley civilizations meaning and definition

A people that flourish near a river valley

early Saturday meaning and definition

early Saturday (or Friday) is a term used for of us who can arrange a long weekend around our work commitments.

early scoop meaning and definition

When the girl's not ready, but you go ahead anyway

early sharer meaning and definition

A person who communicates intimate details about their personal life when you've only just met them in an innappropriate, mental alarm-bell ringing way. They may well lack true friends to do this with and so try to make you their new BF.

Early Shopping meaning and definition

Drinking before 9 am, usually done on a Sunday or random holiday with a small (4-5) group of friends and family. Translated from the German tradition of Fruhshoppen.


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