early riser meaning and definition

early riser meaning

Someone that get up early in the morning is an early riser. Most folks like to sleep in 'til about 7:30am but your early riser will be up at the crack of dawn.

early riser meaning

A woman who has to put forth extra effort in order to look good; not a natural beauty; needs several layers of makeup and hair products in order to come across as attractive to men

early riser meaning

The act of masturbation utilizing the morning erection.

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Early Times meaning and definition

The Official Cabin Whiskey of the Cal Ski Team.

earmuffs meaning and definition

Noun: When a big breasted woman wraps her tits around your head, covering your ears; her tits are the earmuffs.

earning stripes meaning and definition

Earning your stripes refers to putting in hard work and effort and earning respect from your peers as a result. Similar to mitary rank and displaying military stripes, moving up the chain of command from sergeant to Lieutenant to captain to major

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This phrase describes an individual who performs oral sex on a female while she has her period.

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Lube up ones ear with duck butter and using a shoe horn ,tuck it in the anal orifice of a partner and listen to the ocean.


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