earning stripes meaning and definition

earning stripes meaning

Earning your stripes refers to putting in hard work and effort and earning respect from your peers as a result. Similar to mitary rank and displaying military stripes, moving up the chain of command from sergeant to Lieutenant to captain to major

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earn your wings meaning and definition

This phrase describes an individual who performs oral sex on a female while she has her period.

ear of corn meaning and definition

Lube up ones ear with duck butter and using a shoe horn ,tuck it in the anal orifice of a partner and listen to the ocean.

Ear Rape meaning and definition

When listing to Justin Beiber

earth friendly meaning and definition

an adjective used for a past sexual partner who remains available for sex, who is "recyclable"

Earth Noob meaning and definition

A highly technical geek who is completely oblivious to the world around him/her. Earth Noobs have considerable difficulty performing routine human activities such as: cooking, buying stylish clothes, combing their hair, speaking with the opposite sex, and generally being good at "real" life.


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