easily amused meaning and definition

easily amused meaning

0. A quality that can lead to dull excitement0.5 A person who is easily amused finds pretty much everything around them interesting.1. Can be used as an insult; simple minded.2. Prone to infantile joy / amusement / many lulz

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eastenders meaning and definition

A British soap opera that can only be described complete and utter lump of shite. Has the most ridiculous storylines ever, Smallville looks realistic next to this.

Easter Basket meaning and definition

A Easter Basket is filling a clean, public toilet with huge solid pieces of oblong dookie. Then leaving it, where they all fill the bowl perfectly like a bowl full of eggs and french loaves. It's a perfect gift that surprises the next person who happens to open the bathroom door.

Easter Bunny meaning and definition

A creepy creature that goes in all your rooms one night a year and distributes substances meant to slowly poison you over the course of your life. It also hides this substance around your house in the form of eggs, to be discovered by your little children and innocently consumed.

Easter Cream Egg meaning and definition

When a male ejaculates in his partner's ass. The Second partner (female/male) then squats over the first, and makes clucking sounds while defacating on his chest. While the action is performed, the Second partner must cluck like the Cadbury's Bunny while flapping her arms. Bonus points are awarded for wearing bunny ears. Orgins trace back to the popular Cleveland Steamer. This can only be done for a limited time around Easter...or else it's considered sick, poor timing, or not as special.

easter egg meaning and definition

Easter Eggs are hidden links or files coded into software or websites. In the end, they are useless gags that programmers include for fun.


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