east liberty meaning and definition

east liberty meaning

A place that black people like to hang out at but white people are slowly taking over

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Easy breezy meaning and definition

Doing it in the wild (a.k.a. outside in the easy breezy). This phrase may be used to describe a plethora of outdoor "activities".

easy girl meaning and definition

A woman who is much like a slut, which is easy for men to take sexually advantage of.

Easy Hanzi meaning and definition

When you are slowly penetrating a girl with your hands.

easyHarmony meaning and definition

A negative play on words which highlights the fact that eHarmony.com is basically just a forum for booty calls.Origin: The fact that eHarmony is a platform for booty calling.Synonym: Booty callAntonym: Meeting someone and asking them out with words.

easy hero meaning and definition

word used to tell someone to settle down when their getting to into anything.


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