F12 meaning and definition

F12 meaning

Last function key.

F12 meaning

Flaunting horniness and wanting to have sex with anyone and or anything. To fuck someone. To seduce someone.

F12 meaning

* Open the Save as window in Microsoft Word. * Shift + F12 save the Microsoft Word document. * Ctrl + Shift + F12 prints a document in Microsoft Word.

F12 meaning

A group of 12 awesome friends . Who love each other for ever.

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F-18 Hornet meaning and definition

noun The F-18 Hornet is widelt used by the United States Military. Mainly in the Navy, and Marines. The F-18 is a multi-role attack fighter jet. Twin engine. Very manuverable, and has one of the utmost feared wepoanry systems.

f² meaning and definition

f squared has a simple definition, albiet very offensive once everybody learns what it means. f squared stands for two f words, the first being fuckin' and the second being fag or faggot.

F21 meaning and definition

A shorter version of Forever 21, a popular store for teenage girls. F21 had styles that are ''in'' for a relatively low cost.

F-250HD meaning and definition

F-250HD - also known as GOD what else could describe it. It is known to send the life of other vehicles such as Rubicons straight to hell.The supreme being.

f2p meaning and definition

Acronym: Fist To Palm The combination of the Props Fist and the High Five, after a notable comment or event.


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