Faaff meaning and definition

Faaff meaning

When said quickly, an inoffensive way to advise someone to 'Fuck Off'. Best used discretely so that only people close to you can hear it, and not the intended victim. Even funnier when the intended victim THINKS they can hear it, but can't be sure, so they take no action. However, if victim is being a complete tosser, best to shout it as loud as possible in order to deliver as much offence as possible. Number of 'a' letters contained in word is directly proportional to how much you want the individual to fuck off.

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faag meaning and definition

An abbreviation for "Far Away Attractive Guy/Girl." When a guy/girl is attractive but once you see them up close they aren't as attractive as you thought.

faagen-dazs meaning and definition

Pronounced Fog-in-doss. A way of calling someone a faggot. A word play off the ice cream Haagen-Dazs.

faaiz meaning and definition

Amazing male. Will fall in love with a female starting with a G. Humble, very caring. Old people love him. Amazing in bed, very attractive, will give multiple orgasms.

Faaizah meaning and definition

A name meaning a slutty female suicide bomber.

FAAK meaning and definition

a Belfast Terminoligy - akin to Fuck, but used in the phrase or as commonly locally spelt(FRASE) FAAK


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