Fabi meaning and definition

Fabi meaning

A super hot girl, all guys like her, not concieted, likes to have fun, enjoys sports, very friendly, very pretty.

Fabi meaning

funny and beautiful chick.. some times "annoying", the most friendly, lovely, and extremly hilarious girl... she's cute!

Fabi meaning

In a state of fabulosity . . .

Fabi meaning

A downright amazing girl. Gorgeous, all the boys like her.....they are just too shy to admit it because she is out of their league. Goregous body and hair. Super fun and can make anyone laugh. Spontaneous and really adventerous. She may come off as shy at first, but once you get to know her she is very talkative. Really like able person, just hang out with her for one day and you will already adore her. If you meet a Fabi.....keep her, she is one of the best people that you will meet.

Fabi meaning

A ninja with dual supercharger-ram-gravy.

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fabiana meaning and definition

A fabulous and cool artist who wears too-short skirts.

Fabiyan Snooze meaning and definition

1. The act of total relaxation for 15 to 20 minutes after a nice steamy shower (Usually with a towel on head still).2. A type of pregame nap ritual in order to insure full late night capability3. A time period after daily chores, painting nails, pretending to go to the gym, etc Therefore needing to rejuvenate. Because you deserve it.4. Being hungover and binging on the DVR and closing your eyes for "15 minutes."

Fabulastic meaning and definition

Something so phenomenal that neither fabulous or fantastic would suffice to describe it. This is no doubt a word that will be readily adopted by the gay community and people who say chillax.

fabuloso meaning and definition

An Extremely Gay person.......

fabulous meaning and definition

The gay (homosexual) mating call.


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