Fabian Gutierrez meaning and definition

Fabian Gutierrez meaning

A fucking gaybian that can't keep his hands to himself. Usually likes to state where he likes the dick. Example: "stop being such an asshole". See. He likes it in the shit cave. All Fabian Gutierrez' like it in the shit cave. or in the bung hole. same shit. Anyways. He's fucking gay.

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Fabiani meaning and definition

1.The coolest family you will meet in your life. 2.An italian family that is prretty damn awesome.

fabianich meaning and definition

In a homosexual orgy, a fabianich is the member in the middle receiving a penis in the ass while giving a blow job

Fabianism meaning and definition

the theories of economic and social reform advocated by the Fabian Society.

fabian jr meaning and definition

The son of a queen. He is a very intelligent young man and handsome individual... Sense of humor. Knows GOD & loves his grandparents dearly Also loves horses, dinosaurs and more HE WILL BE PRESIDENT ONE DAY

Fabian Lemus meaning and definition

A monster, A beast at everything he does, women want him,men want to be him. Everything he does is Perfection.Hung like a horse.


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