Fabian bet meaning and definition

Fabian bet meaning

An agreed proposition in which one of the people taking part cannot lose money or items but can gain them

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Fabianed meaning and definition

To be cheated out of something, especially money; the recipient of an act of cheapness.

fabian enrique barron meaning and definition

Lazy, small dicked, selfish, gives up all the time, drops girls out of no where, sex addict, doesnt like to fix things, doenst know how to chamge a tire, and has bad taste in woman. When he actually has a sexy gf he drops her for a chiken run looking bitch. Like to get girls pregnet in the first month of being together

Fabian Gutierrez meaning and definition

A fucking gaybian that can't keep his hands to himself. Usually likes to state where he likes the dick. Example: "stop being such an asshole". See. He likes it in the shit cave. All Fabian Gutierrez' like it in the shit cave. or in the bung hole. same shit. Anyways. He's fucking gay.

Fabiani meaning and definition

1.The coolest family you will meet in your life. 2.An italian family that is prretty damn awesome.

fabianich meaning and definition

In a homosexual orgy, a fabianich is the member in the middle receiving a penis in the ass while giving a blow job


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