Fabianism meaning and definition

Fabianism meaning

the theories of economic and social reform advocated by the Fabian Society.

Fabianism meaning

GAY and MADE UP and.....just plain fabianish and oh yeah it SUCKS MEGAMANS BALLS, and we all love its creator, you guessed it FABIAN aka LAWRENCE see example

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fabian jr meaning and definition

The son of a queen. He is a very intelligent young man and handsome individual... Sense of humor. Knows GOD & loves his grandparents dearly Also loves horses, dinosaurs and more HE WILL BE PRESIDENT ONE DAY

Fabian Lemus meaning and definition

A monster, A beast at everything he does, women want him,men want to be him. Everything he does is Perfection.Hung like a horse.

Fabianne meaning and definition

Fabianne is an actual dog, she likes to target small ethnic minorites and utalise condoms with them... although she is generally a bad influence on the people she meet's we all secretly love her and her banter! The majority of her life is spent getting mortal or working, living the dream with her main hun's!

Fabiano meaning and definition

An amazingly attractive male who is irresistable to all females and is good at everything but can only be taken by one who is worth his ever so important time.

Fabian Quincey Bailey meaning and definition

A sexy, sexy man who tends to date hott girls, dump them to fuck ugly girls and then try to get with other hott ones.


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