Fabrizzio meaning and definition

Fabrizzio meaning

One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet despite a bit of an ego. But he's got the ego for a reason: he's got great style, slick dance moves, and a name that you won't forget anytime soon. This guy loves to go out; a night not out in the city is a night wasted in his book. He's the life of every party and makes friends so easily you'd think he was a wizard or something. Speaking of, he's secretly the biggest Internet meme loving video game playing Batman nerd, which only makes him all the more awesome. If you get the chance to befriend a Fabrizzio, be careful, because more likely than not you'll end up falling in love with him at some point. If he falls for you, too, be prepared for one of the best romances of your life. All that aside, Fabrizzio is an amazing person inside and out and everyone he meets is lucky to know him. Some are lucky enough to call him their friend. And even fewer are the luckiest to have loved and been loved by him.

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Fa Brizzle meaning and definition

The act of rubbing your nut hairs on someones forehead.

Fabrolous meaning and definition

Adjective - Something stereotypically bro, and would be veiwed as fabulous (by bros)

Fabronious meaning and definition

When you pretends to have interest in something a newly made acquaintance keeps talking about, even though you are not interested in the topic at all, because they seem like a nice enough person.

Fab Roommate-ola meaning and definition

aka "melissa", "pocahontas", "rock star", "vegetarian freak", this once-carniverous chica exhudes all that a bunkmate, suitemate, roommate, apartmentmate or housemate could ever want. she bakes, she vacuumes, she enjoys the fine delicacy that is adolescent television programming (funniest home videos, abc family, etc). sorry boys - while this is the same damsel once known for giving love a "bad name", this heartbreaker is currently off the market.

fabroosh meaning and definition

A word used as a filler when one is either unable to think of the correct term, or is just too lazy and wants to use this.


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