Fake love meaning and definition

Fake love meaning

1. Fake love is when a friend fuck your bitch, dont think with his head only think with his dick 2. Fake love is when they never be around, but once you get rich they all get down

Fake love meaning

same as fuck love. not what anyone needs. give up the fuck love for real love. find someone who makes you want to give real love rather than fuck love.

Fake love meaning

Verb, transitive: To have sex with someone you barely know, often proposed by the more altered of the two of you.

Fake love meaning

1)Fake love's when your homey give you dap Smile in your face but he want yo' ass clapepd 2)Fake love - so my friends is enemies and my enemies be friends Don't show no love, don't pretend 3)Fake love is when a nigga set you up How he knew about your chain when your shit was tucked.

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fakelows meaning and definition

Fake lows ... Addition of side skirts and side bars , deep bumpers to give the look of a lower vehicle .... Small wheels=fakelows .... Parking on long grass .. Fakelows

fakemacian meaning and definition

A person that acts Jamaican but is not

fake maguro meaning and definition

"fake maguro" ("fake tuna" in English) - an experienced woman who pretends she doesn't know anything about sex so a prospective husband won't realize that she's been around. See also "maguro."

Fake Major meaning and definition

A person whose form of study leads them to hate on all other majors;a form of study where the information could just as easily be found on Google and has no need to go to college for it; A college major that has been paid for when it would have been better off just paying overdue library fines and receiving the same education.

fake smile meaning and definition

The kind of smile you give when you see someone you strongly dislike (i.e. a raging whore or someone's creepy boyfriend).


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