Fanticide meaning and definition

Fanticide meaning

The act of killing an imaginary friend, often commited by loners that have some form of mental problem. For example these people could be Sadists, Phycopaths, Paranoids or just plain crazy. Motives for this crime may be, the imaginary friend cheating on their imaginary girlfriend, the imaginary friend becoming a giant monster and eating you, the imaginary friend raping you ect...

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Fanticipation meaning and definition

The feeling of looking forward, usually excitedly or eagerly, to the oscillating fan swinging back to blow in your direction.

Fanticipator meaning and definition

Someone who is a "fan" of something that hasn't yet come out. They can't really be called a "fan" technically, since being a fan implies having actually seen or experienced whatever it is they are a fan of. So the term "fanticipator" is much more appropriate

Fanticonles meaning and definition

An individual that has no redeemable skills but is fun to keep around for his retarded behavior. Also he likes bondage and is obsessed with Roman Goddesses.