Fanticonles meaning and definition

Fanticonles meaning

An individual that has no redeemable skills but is fun to keep around for his retarded behavior. Also he likes bondage and is obsessed with Roman Goddesses.

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fanti-gotting meaning and definition

This is a very distrubing act where an otherwise normal male starts fantasizing about ass-wrecking another (usually of smaller stature) male.

Fantikerz meaning and definition

Brit/Aussie slang for a male homosexual, based on the permanant stretching of the anus that results from repeated anal sex, which causes farts to be emitted with a "pooft" sound rather than the usual, stacatto "bra-a-a-p".

fantiki meaning and definition

is a name used for your offspring as an affectionate nickname. Also used to mean various chavvy kids seen on holiday around the costa del sol area