Fantilastic meaning and definition

Fantilastic meaning

Completely awesome in all ways. Superb.

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Fantillusion meaning and definition

A night-time three-act parade running in the non-stateside Disneylands. Begins with Mickey leading a magical fairy garden bringing the gift of Disney Light, followed by villains taking the light to make it night, and happily ending with the princesses (along with Minnie) turning the night back into light. When it started in Tokyo Disneyland, the 29 floats would stop along the parade route for all three acts. Upon moving to Disneyland Paris, it was severely cut back to 12 floats with at maximum two acts to be seen, weather permitting.

fantime meaning and definition

When you get out of the shower and you don't feel like drying off with a towel so you just stand in front of a fan...........

Fantin meaning and definition

Family name commonly found in the regions of Venice. The men from Italian Fantin families are often really authoritarian, fighting for what they want/deserve. They prize the fact of being a gentleman and are always living with huge chivalry. Loyalty to the family seems to be a important thing for them also. Suspicious, it can be difficult to threaten at them. The nightlife appreciation is also a characteristic from these men. Respect, honour and value are the words which define the family.

Fantina meaning and definition

Is awesome. She has traveled all around the world helping young girls. Unfortunately she isn't so pretty and doesn't care about appearances. She saved us from the evil monkey man and is now our hero :)

fantincredimazaclesmagorial meaning and definition

a hybrid between fantasic, amazing, incredible, and magorial