f2p meaning and definition

f2p meaning

Free to play. Ussually used in games that have a free as well as a pay version or mode.

f2p meaning

Known as Free to Play, it is also a popular term used in the popular first person shooter game, Team Fortress 2. F2P defines players who are new to the game and are not well experienced. When Team Fortress 2 became Free to Play on 2011, F2P players recieve a free hat called the Ghostly Gibus along with Pyrovision Goggles. Since F2P players are unable to trade and recieve new hats, the Ghostly Gibus and the Pyrovision Goggles are the only cosmetics to wear, unless purchasing items from the in-game store. Any player wearing the Gibus and the Pyrovision Goggles are labeled as noobs by non F2P players.

f2p meaning

A game where you do not need to pay to play, but is free

f2p meaning

Acronym: Fist To Palm The combination of the Props Fist and the High Five, after a notable comment or event.

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F2W meaning and definition

F2W means "Fight To Win", but someone can use it as "Fuck twice a Week"...

F3 meaning and definition

F3 is originated from a 2D Online game called Maple Story. In game players would press the F3 button to change the face of their character to a sarcastic face. The face can be used to annoy players after they did or say something stupid. Some players choose to use the term "F3" outside of game such as in everyday speech or Messenger.

F4 meaning and definition

Four fat guys from this company in Plaza Mont Kiara, Malaysia.

F4F meaning and definition

"Food For Food"1.)A trade of ones food for someone elses food.2.)Can also be used in a way to mock "scene kids" with there PC4PC or W4W etc.3.) A very funny insider between friends. (:


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