f4m meaning and definition

f4m meaning


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F4TD meaning and definition

meaning "Fish for the dead." Used to describe someone with very..VERY bad breath.

F5 meaning and definition

v. 1 To refresh yourself, like if you've been daydreaming during a meeting. v. 2 To wake up. Origin comes comes from the use of F5 as a "Refresh" key for MS Windows applications.

F5 Bombing meaning and definition

A tradition on the Roblox forums. As the forums have pathetic software, you can easily do this trick. You go to your/someones topic and hold F5, to make the post get alot of views. This is a form of trolling as popular posts get a star as an icon, which annoys other users on the forum.

f5ing meaning and definition

The act of repeatedly pressing the f5 key to reload a web page in anticipation of an update. Most commonly associated with social aggregate sites like 4chan and Reddit.

F5 me meaning and definition

To refresh somebody about something.


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