faalhaas meaning and definition

faalhaas meaning

Relatively rare Dutch insult. To be used when regular insults just don't cut it. Literally it translates to 'fail-hare'. The combination of the two words is as unexpected in Dutch as in English and that's also why it's so effective. When used, victims (and possible bystanders) show signs of disbelief, confusion, shock, but also awe. Victim will not know how to respond - especially in a group - and you can be on your way leaving behind a longlasting silence and apathy in the victim.It is especially effective in self defense, e.g. when someone intimidates you, or tries to make fun of you. But lately, it's being used more and more as a substitution for the classic "FAIL!" when someone messes up. In any case, timing and intonation are key here.

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faardvark meaning and definition

Slang derogative term for homosexual.

faaria meaning and definition

An extremely unique name usually a female. This name usually is given to those who contain a enchanting magic. They are smart, charming, and very attractive. Faaria is to be feared, adored, and worshiped all at once. Faaria has tendencies to strive for power, and desires to be independent and controlling of themselves.

faaron meaning and definition

Satan. Hes straight up satan in every way. He always likes to play MMOs and beat things up. Hes probably the nicest person you'll ever meet though.

Fa-asian meaning and definition

This is an asian that was born in asia, but was then adopted by americans. When seeing a fa-asian you first see that they're asian.Stereotypes that come to mind1. Straight A's 2. Uber smart 3. Obsessed with gamingThe truth1. Super athletic and involved 2. An average student 3. Really hot girlsStereotypes that mix with truth1. Small penises 2. Amazing at break dancing 3. Love techno and trance 4. Short (generally, some are average)

faat meaning and definition

(Fuck At Any Time) Slang usually talking about someone you would fuck at any time not depending on what condition you are in.


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