faat meaning and definition

faat meaning

Faat is another term for the drug, cocaine. It was developed from the laotian language. The term "faat" pronounced in laos means to "hit". It was developed here in the Midwest United States. Faat can be used as a verb or a noun.

faat meaning

(Fuck At Any Time) Slang usually talking about someone you would fuck at any time not depending on what condition you are in.

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fab-a-dab meaning and definition

A girl with a nice ass , nice body, and has the whole package

Faber meaning and definition

One who excels at playing video games, being lazy, being a dumbass, and quoting stuff like "Family Guy," "DBZ," and "Celebrity Jeapordy." Often preyed upon by Darrilynn(s) and befriended by Kolenosky(ies).

fabergé meaning and definition

Like a Steve but to the point of making you vomit, too good to be true

Fab Four meaning and definition

The most fcking awsome girls youl ever meet! Thea, Marlie, Devon, NicoleContinuously getting Cblocked from ever growing up, and always taking crazy chances.


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