fabergé meaning and definition

fabergé meaning

Like a Steve but to the point of making you vomit, too good to be true

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Fab Four meaning and definition

The most fcking awsome girls youl ever meet! Thea, Marlie, Devon, NicoleContinuously getting Cblocked from ever growing up, and always taking crazy chances.

Fabi meaning and definition

In a state of fabulosity . . .

fabiana meaning and definition

A fabulous and cool artist who wears too-short skirts.

Fabiyan Snooze meaning and definition

1. The act of total relaxation for 15 to 20 minutes after a nice steamy shower (Usually with a towel on head still).2. A type of pregame nap ritual in order to insure full late night capability3. A time period after daily chores, painting nails, pretending to go to the gym, etc Therefore needing to rejuvenate. Because you deserve it.4. Being hungover and binging on the DVR and closing your eyes for "15 minutes."

fabrique au chine meaning and definition

(pron. /fa'bri:k oʊ shi:n/) Literally, "made in China" in French. Used as a humourous euphemism for cheap, imported goods of questionable quality.


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